The Penn 24Hour Comic Jam

The Penn 24Hour Comic Jam

PHILADELPHIA SCAN“Cartooning takes a really, really long time and is hard, lonely work. Pages upon hundreds of pages are draw and thrown away before any writer or artist eventually finds him- or herself. The reader may reliably calculate that the time it takes to read a comic strip story to the time it took to draw it is roughly 1/1,000, and I’m not exaggerating.” – Chris Ware

On October 4th and 5th of 2014 we will be an official host for the tenth anniversary of the 24hour Comic Challenge, a world-wide event focusing on the craft of comic-making and celebrating both the diversity and potential of the cartoon arts. While we encourage and hope to connect to cartoonists working in the Philadelphia area that are interested in undertaking the challenge on their own, the environment and resources of our “collaborative classroom” will be open for participants looking for a hands-on collaborative comic-making workshop and a chance to stretch their creative skills. We’ve taken some of our lesson plans for how to create comics and expanded them into a series of “challenges” or “relays” for people interested in learning how to make comics in a collaborative studio environment during this two-day event. Artists and writers interested in comics as a form of expression will get a chance to work alongside others learning fresh approaches graphic story-telling and method. Beginners, amateurs, and professionals alike are welcome! There will be five separate comic-making experiments for people to take part in;






(please follow the links for further descriptions of each)

All five of the challenges will be running simultaneously in our facility at the Van Pelt-Dietrich Libraries Collaborative Classroom on Penn’s campus and in participation with neighboring comicshop Locust Moon. Participation is free and open to experienced cartoonists and comics writers as well as beginners but you must contact us to register for the event and gain access to the library. Orientation for the workshop and each of the challenges begins at noon on Saturday, October 4th and we’ll be making comics together in the Collaborative  Classroom until 9PM that evening (when the library closes for the day). We’ll be running many of the challenges as timed events allowing participants to register for more than one experiment as their time allows (please check the descriptions carefully for the time limitations of each challenge). You’re welcome to continue working on your comics outside the Classroom on Saturday evening and we’ll resume again on Sunday morning at 10AM to finish all the work, discuss it with peers, scan it, and share it online. Want to join us? Up for the challenge? Drop us an email at


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