The Penn 24Hour Comic Jam

-In Philadelphia? Interested in taking the 24Hour Comic Challenge as it stands this October 4th and 5th? please contact us at

In your email, please give your name, mention whether you are a Penn affiliate (e.g. student, staff…), or just a free agent! If you can, do try to let us know if you wish to participate in one or more of the workshop challenges in the Collaborative Room, or if you simply want to use the room to create your own comic, and whether you are interested in collaboration for your comics-creation.

We will have access to the “Collab Room” from 12-9 on Saturday and then again from 10-1 on Sunday, BUT YOU MUST EMAIL AND REGISTER WITH US TO GAIN ACCESS AND PARTICIPATE. When you email us, please also let us know when you will be with us in the room (e.g. all day Saturday, only from noon to 5pm, etc.) The workshop challenges are less time demanding than the full 24Hour Challenge, but seats are limited. We’ll work directly with registered participants over email to set up a team environment that works best for you.

We look forward to hearing from you!



  1. Hi there, we are official co-organizers of the 24-Hour Comics Day event and we want to give you a free download of our official 24HCD Survival Guide for you and your participants. W also want to introduce you to the IRONHAND Comics Day Triathlon, a new evolution of the 24HCD.

    Survival Guide here:
    Registration for the IRONHAND Comics Day Triathlon:

    Are you open for guest blogs or interviews? We are open to helping increase awareness for this event!
    Contact us right away!


    1. For those of you out there who will be taking the full 24Hour Challenge, or are just interested in what it takes to keep your mind fresh and agile in comic-making, this is “Survival Guide” is a good foot forward. Give it read!


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