24Hour Comics jam 2015

The Penn 24Hour Comic Jam

UntitledThis November 20th and 21st we’ll be presenting a second edition of our UPenn’s 24Hour Comics Jam at the Van Pelt Library. Last year’s workshop gave us a chance to try out the facilities and introduce our collaborative classroom environment for Making Comics at UPenn. But this year we’re expanding on that idea a whole lot.

-As with last year, we’ll be making this a hands-on workshop environment with ongoing activities for anyone interested in the cartoon arts alongside informal conversations with artists as they practice their craft. Stop by and see just what a comic studio workshop is like; you don’t need to know how to draw when you arrive, but you might be challenged to before you leave.

-Three of the creators from the  Atomic City Comics 24Hour Comics Challenge will be on hand Friday at 5:30PM to talk about their work as they prepare to take the Challenge Saturday and Sunday. This is a great opportunity to hear experienced cartoonists prepare for “comics harshest deadline.” Plenty of tips and shortcuts discussed plus a great opportunity to look past 24Hour Comics. We’ll be joined by:

Cyn Why?
-Cartoons in the City of Brotherly Love. She has an affinity for drinking and an uncanny knack for bicycle-related injuries.

Raphael Tiberino
-Local painter and cartoonist of the ever-popular Ellen Powell Tiberino Museum. His work was recently exhibited at the African American Museum – “The Unflinching Eye: Works from the Tiberino Circle”

Kelly Phillips
-A cartoonist living in West Philly, and the co-editor and publisher of the award-winning all-girl comic anthology Dirty Diamonds. She is the host of the Philly chapter of the 24 Hour Comic Challenge, and creator of the comic series “Weird Me”, which details her teenage years as the moderately successful webmaster of a “Weird Al” Yankovic fan site.

We’ll then be following these creators through a lifestream public chat Saturday afternoon as they undergo the Challenge at Atomic City Comics on South Street. Some of their comic work will be on display at local comic shop Locust Moon Comics that weekend in conjunction with their opening of their “Cartoons For Victory” exhibit.

-Beginning at 5PM on Friday and continuing on Saturday afternoon we’ll have two cartoonist in the studio taking on challenges of their own;

Alexander Rothman will be taking on this year’s unique Penn Challenge; “how is a road map like a comic book?”. We’ve back-engineered an old road map to give it some of the same beats and rhythms in unfolding that come from reading a mini-comic, lending a new shape to the narrative possibilities. Alex will be making an original comic using our studio facilities and equipment to do something he’s never done before. Good luck, Alex!

Patrick Gabrielli will working live in the studio coloring a completed black&white comic using painterly methods with Penn Libraries new Cintiq tablet. With all this talk of 24Hour deadlines we thought it’d be a good chance to expose people to some of the shortcuts available with new equipment.

-On Saturday, beginning at noon, we’ll be following the creators over at Atomic City Comics through their Challenge and continuing with some of our own.

-At 1PM we’ll be discussing some of ways to produce, distribute or market your comics in today’s world. How do cartoonist get their work out there or create for new markets? For this we’ll be talking with;

Art Baxter,  cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer. He has produced hundreds of covers and illustrations for numerous publications such as PHILADELPHIA CITY PAPER, PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY, NEW YORK PRESS, THE COMICS JOURNAL, SCREW and PSYCHOLOGY TODAY. He received a grant from the Xeric Foundation to publish his comic book, SPUD COMICS. He was the organizer of the PHILLY COMIX JAM during its formative first two years. In December 2011, he created the cover and served as judge for PHILADELPHIA CITY PAPER’s annual ”Comics Issue.” He has contributed strips to the tabloid comics anthology, SECRET PRISON including being the featured artist and co-creative director of the fourth issue and producing a story about celebrated manga artist, Yoshiharu Tsuge, for the seventh. He is the co-creator, editor, and art director of the PHINKWELL comics collective. MY OWN PETARD, his first web comic, has appeared there since 2012. Last year he contributed a full page color strip to the LITTLE NEMO: DREAM ANOTHER DREAM anthology. Recently he has begun to produce two-color comics utilizing the Risograph.

Want to make comics or even just learn more about them? Join us this Friday from 5-9PM and Saturday from 12-4PM and see what’s happening here at the Penn Libraries.

For further info contact us HERE


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